Fire Panel Integration

Visual Emergency Messaging System

Adaptive Display Solutions electronic message centers should be a component of any multi-modal emergency notification plan.
Having your campus-wide alert systems work together by incorporating our products helps to ensure that in a crisis, everyone receives emergency notification – including areas where noise levels are high, acoustics are poor, or mobile phones are not permitted or accessible.

Adaptive is a leading provider to the rapidly growing MNS market. We display critical alerts and messages via highly visible, full-color LED displays that are rated for both indoor and semi-outdoor applications listed to UL1638 Standard for Safety to      Visual Signaling Appliances.

? Manufacturing Facilities
? Schools and Universities
? Hospitals
? Corporate Campuses

? Supports integration with leading Fire Control Panel Manufacturers

? Mass Notification Displays are UL Listed and NFPA recognized as Visual Notification Appliances, so you can specify with confidence

? System easily expands up to 255 Displays

? Callisto Unit is configured to communicate with LED Displays

? Display Day, Date and Time message during
non-critical situations

Adaptive Fire Panel Integration Overview FNS


Technical Specifications   

ALPHA Series 4000 RGB MNS

Discrete Input Interface (Callisto)



School-Wide Visual Alert Systems

Fire Panel Integration