Alpha? Series, Direct LED Full Color Indoor Displays


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Small Direct LED Displays, Alpha? I Series

Perfect for in store advertising, the I Series displays will effectively broadcast your message in a compelling highly impact full manor! Ideal for setting's that don’t have much room for an LED display the Alpha? I series can easily be hung from the ceiling or mounted to the wall. 

Available Sizes:
  • 10.6" x 69"
  • 10.6" x 59"
  • 10.6" x 49"
  • 10.6" x 40"
  • 10.6" x 30" 

Large Direct LED Displays, Alpha? J Series

Designed for situations that require a large, highly visible LED sign, the energy efficient J Series delivers a powerful, ultra-bright viewing experience! Great for malls, theaters, airports and other commercial environments the Alpha? J Series can be mounted to the wall or easily integrated into an existing display fixture.

Available Sizes:

  • 57" 
  • 79"
  • Custom