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Best Approaches in Selling Digital Signage Solutions

Posted by Adaptive Micro Systems on Tue, Jan 19, 2016

Digital signage has become widely used almost everywhere - from restaurants to retail stores, banks, business offices, government institutions, churches and more.

Taking time to understand all information about a product is a great start to marketing that product. Obtaining an in depth perspective about how the product can be utilized when selling digital signage solutions ensures you are reaching all potential customers.                 

When selling digital signage, don’t think of yourself as just a sales person. You are selling more than just a sign; you are entering a long-term relationship.

The key to selling is to create solutions that add value to your customers. 

Daily Dollar Cost Approach 

When it comes to cost, new digital signage customers often think purchasing LED signs are too expensive. If you evaluate the ROI impact of how sales increase verses the cost of owning a digital sign in terms of dollars per day, LED signs can pay for themselves in less than one year based on your average daily sale! 

For instance, the payment period for a $12,000 LED signage is 2 years or 24 months.

Cost per Month = $12,000/24 months = $500 per month

Cost per Day = $500/30 days = $16.66 per day 

Make the customer see that minimal amount they need to spend on their LED signage each day. 

Current Advertising Budget Restructuring Approach 


It is important that every business has budget allocations for marketing and advertising. However, some business owners see that purchasing a digital signage would be just an additional expense that adds to their advertising budget. 

The solution here is to make the customer see that they can allocate the funds in their existing budget to their digital signage purchase. Ask your customers how they utilize their advertising budgets. Do they use traditional or broad-based advertising?

Ask follow up questions like, "May I ask how much you allocate per month advertising your business?" 

The challenge here is to let the customer see that purchasing a digital sign more cost effective than their current advertising budget. 

Return on Investment Approach

Business sales and revenue are likely to increase by using digital signage, since LED signage is an effective way to advertise. In general, it is possible to see an increase of about 25-30 percent, depending upon strategic content, the company’s current campaign, and the location of the sign. 

For instance, a small business does $300,000 yearly sales with 35 percent sales margin. 

With the use of LED signage, the sales will most likely to increase to $375,000 per year. If income is projected to increase by 0.35, then profit before taxes is about (0.35 x 75,000) = $26,250.

If the total cost of the LED signage is $25,000, then your customer can still have additional $1,250 savings. 

The challenge here is to make the client see the impact of having a digital signage - from driving more sales to paying the sign fully. 

More Strategies to Sell LED Signage

  1. Up-Sell with Information. Don't just simply talk about the cost and the terms of your digital signage. Provide your clients with helpful information instead. Educate them on how they can effectively use their digital sign. Demonstrate the countless options they have with the types of images, graphics, fonts, and styles they can use to develop their brand.
  1. Demo It. Most clients know what they want, so give them a "proof of concept." For instance, a local coffee shop needs some help rebranding. Pull their menu or current promotions from their website and use it when you set-up a demo unit in the store. Make your client see the impact and effect it has on the coffee shop customers.

When selling to a client, it is important to build trust. As you guide them towards proper purchasing decisions, not only will your sales improve, but also their loyalty and your relationship as well.

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