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Benefits and Essential Components of Digital Signage Documentation

Posted by Adaptive Micro Systems on Tue, Nov 10, 2015

Digital signage systems have created a major impact on countless organizations and businesses. They have replaced the traditional displays in restaurants, retail stores, business offices, government institutions, medical facilities, churches, entertainment venues and school campuses. LED signs are designed to educate, deliver information on products and services, engage with viewers, help people reach their destination and much more.

It is proven that digital displays play a crucial role in today's world and that role will continue to grow. To get the most out of digital signage, you should keep it in superb working order with consistent and uninterrupted operation.

Operation manuals and user guides make up an important component of a successful digital signage system. Some have in-depth technical manuals while the others can do with a simple operation manual.

 Digital signage systems require regular maintenance, minor troubleshooting, repairs, and replacement to run optimally. Another important component of a successful digital signage strategy is its network infrastructure, display installation and effective content management. Digital signage users and dealers need documentation and user guides that are simple, concise and relevant. Information about parts replacement, installation, quick troubleshooting and user software training should be well-organized and purposeful.

Benefits of a Good Documentation Manual

 Reading a manual should not be considered as a waste of time and effort. Some people don't bother to read a product's manual. They are created to provide information on how to make the product function efficiently and how to use properly. For end users, a user manual provides important information on "how to use a product" which is considered as one of its most essential benefits.

  1. Allows you to utilize the specal features of the digital signage. With the constant development, features or product advancements are stated in the product's manual. This lets users get acquainted with every function, accessories and components of a digital sign.
  1. Saves time and money. Documentation manuals contain important information. Taking the time to read it saves a user and dealer a great amount of time and money on installations, service calls, and general troubleshooting. 
  1. Prevents product misuse. When used improperly, any product can cause serious injuries or accidents. No one wants this to happen. For this reason, appropriate guidelines and warnings are usually part of a product's documentation and user guide. Manufacturers avoid being in serious legal consequences and being held liable for product misuse. Users will be better informed as to the correct usage and operating practices.
  1. Serve as sales and marketing material. Most product brochures do not contain information that an engineer needs. Some customers request for technical product information that their company engineer needs. Having a manual serves this purpose as it shows every aspect of its product. A manual also gives the sales dealer knowledge as to what the product can promise the customer. 
  1. Support a company's image. Having a user guide shows that a company cares about their customers. This helps keep customers from being confused, angry or thinking that using the product is too complex. This document usually promotes a good attitude towards the company.

Components of a Digital Signage Documentation Manual 

A digital signage manual should contain simple and purposeful content. Information should be clearly stated while still providing important technical data. It usually contains some or most of the following:

  • Guidelines for the design, layout and installation
  • Information about fabrication and configuration
  • Ways to manage alerts and security
  • Preventative care, maintenance and software/equipment upgrades
  • Safety instructions, warnings and precautions
  • Content distribution and management options
  • Proper usage and handling instructions
  • Common issues and resolutions
  • Technical specifications and settings

Well-written and updated documentation serves as an important requirement to ensure long term support for the product. It serves as the best tool for signage dealers to support their customers. For end users, it helps them maximize their time and the use of their digital sign. So, take time to check and read what the user guide contains. It is absolutely worth it!

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