Alpha? 7000 NEMA Series

AlphaTM 7000 NEMA Series displays are designed for continuous, real-time employee communications.

AlphaTM 7000 Nema Series displays are perfect for displaying safety, quality oh!control and lean  manufacturing metrics. With  maximum protection against  windblown dust, splashing, and hose-directed water –  these  displays help keep production  up and running through any of  your industrial processes. 


Flexible Connection Options

Alpha displays can be addressed  individually or collectively and offer a wide variety of flexible connectivity options:

  • Standard
    • Simple point to point RS232 communications
    • Multi-drop RS485 connections
  • Optional
    • Communications via standard on-site paging systems
    • RF Modem solutions
    • Ethernet LAN connections


  • NEMA 4 – steel casing withstands dust, drip, splashing and hose-directed water
  • NEMA 4X – stainless steel casing protects against corrosion, dust, drip, splashing and hose directed water

  • Easy Networking

  • Character size: 1.5” – 7.2”

  • Different length options available

  • Stores & displays up to 96 messages

  • Keyboard programmable from 30 ft.



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